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# TDT4240-progark-project
# Adding text
This project was undertaken for the course TDT4240 - Software Architecture. The goal is to develop a game for Android and to get familiar with all that follows; Designing, testing and documenting all aspects related to its Architecture.
We decided do make our own version of the game known as Chinese Checkers. It's a turn based game where every player has to move his pieces on the board. The first player whose pieces all reach the opposite side wins.
### Content of the repository.
The repository includes two Android Studio projects, "CheckersClient" and "CheckersServer". The first contains all the components required to program, build, run and install the Android App for the client-side part, which is the actual game we play on our Android devices. "CheckersServer" allows us to program and set up the server-side part of the game instead.
### How to run your server
1. Open "CheckersServer" in Android Studio
2. By default we use the port 54555 for TCP, to change this go to core/src/com/mygdx/game/controller/ServerController and change the line server.bind(54555) with the new desired vaule.
3. Hit the run button
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