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= Workflow Example
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IT1901 Fall 2019 - 8th Lecture
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== Overview
- User story
- Issues
- Git flow
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== User Story
== User Story
In the backlog of the simpleexample2 we get the following user story:
- As a user I want to be able to add name, description etc. to some of the locations I saved on the map in order to be easier to refer back to the most interesting places.
* we know from the PO / users that the expected points with additional info is relatively small
== From user story to issues
- considering that the user story is to be included in the next iteration (sprint) then
- the user story starts a process of discussion and planning within the development team
- we need to understand what are the consequences of the new requirements for the different modules
- we also need to create the necessary issues that
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== Issues
== The issues
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== Typical git flow
== Source code management
link:scm.html[Source code management (SCM)]
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