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updates the index to link to the slides of the last lectures

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......@@ -37,6 +37,23 @@ link:slides/individuell-oblig.html[Lysarkene] oppsummerer den individuelle, obli
link:slides/kodestank.html[Lysark] om såkalt "kodestank" (code smell)
== 8. Forelesning
link:slides/08-lecture.html[Lysarkene] Unit testing.
== 9. Forelesning
link:slides/09-lecture.html[Lysarkene] Documentation.
== 10. Forelesning
link:slides/12-modular.html[Lysarkene] 2nd Group assignment + Modularization.
link:slides/10-lecture-code-quality.html[Lysarkene] Code quality.
== 2020
=== Programvareutvikling
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