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......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ We decided do make our own version of the game known as Chinese Checkers. It's a
We believe we achieved this goal as our project works fairly well. Players can join with their custom name, set up their lobby and once all participants are ready, play the game. There is room for improvment; We wanted to add more customization to the playstyle, like adding powerups, more game modes and more boards. Furthermore there are a few bugs that need to be addressed.
<b>Note:</b> Window resizing is not implemented so resizing windows on desktop will offset user click coordinates.
#### Technologies used
The game is developed through Android Studio. Both Java and Kotlin are used as programming languages. To simplify the process, we used the libraries [kryonet]( to create the Client/Server communication sockets and [libGDX]( to set up the game framework.
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