Commit 2bb82a83 authored by Anders H. Rebner's avatar Anders H. Rebner
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Reset camera position after loading game from CinematicView

parent e92edcad
......@@ -68,13 +68,8 @@ public class UniCheckersClient extends ApplicationAdapter {
skin = new Skin(Gdx.files.internal("UISkins/glassy/skin/glassy-ui.json"));
gvm = new GameViewManager();
//gvm.push(new LoadingView(gvm, playerController, assetManager, stage, skin));
gvm.push(new LoadingView(gvm, playerController, assetManager, stage, skin));
//gvm.push(new CinematicView(gvm, playerController, assetManager, stage, skin));
// TODO: Remove the following four lines and use the above line instead
PlayView playView = new PlayView(gvm, playerController, assetManager, stage, skin, null);
gameController = new GameController(model, playView);
......@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ public class PlayView extends View{
public PlayView(GameViewManager gvm, PlayerController playerController, AssetManager assetManager, Stage stage, Skin skin, ArrayList<AnimatedSprite> lobbyAvatars) {
super(gvm, playerController, assetManager, stage, skin);
stage.getCamera().position.set( / 2F, / 2F, 0);
// Create background image
Texture background = new Texture("Game/1x/StarBackground1x.png");
Image backgroundImage = new Image(background);
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