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This is the documentation of the code for the project
### Dependencies
### Install Third party
As the script depends on the ArcFace library to compute the scores, this library needs to be installed first.
The library installation can be found here:
It also depends on a third party DET script.
### Computing the baseline.
One can use the code present in to compute the baseline. In order to achive this, one needs to
1. Change the projectpath the project paht as it is on your local machine
`` projectpath = "my/project/path/ ``
2. Uncomment the following lines:
QualEval = QualityEvaluator("Instance-Name", projectpath, imgsdir, "subjectnr/samplenr")
QualEval.readInDataset(params, projectpath, imgsdir, "ArcFaceCasia", True )
### Compute quality metrics
### Plot quality metrics
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