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Refactor ShoppingListGUI and RecipeDetailView for Improved Usability

Karwan Shekhe requested to merge main into dev
  • Refactored ShoppingListGUI to extend BorderPane directly, streamlining the setup and initialization of GUI components for better readability and efficiency.
  • Reworked RecipeDetailView layout to include a dynamic header with the recipe's name and rating, alongside an organized display of ingredients and instructions.
  • Implemented a ListView in RecipeDetailView to dynamically update and display recently viewed recipes, improving user experience and navigation.
  • Adjusted CSS styles for a more polished and user-friendly interface.
  • Integrated event handling in RecipeGUI to update the recently viewed recipes list upon recipe card selection, facilitating easier access to previously viewed recipes.
  • Cleaned up unnecessary code and comments across GUI classes for better maintainability and adherence to MVC architectural principles.

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