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# Project 2: M2T
## Running the transformation
To run the model to text transformation locate the **studyplan2TextGenerator.mtl** file inside _tdt4250.spp.html/main_ folder, right click inside the file and click Run As > Run Configurations...
When you are inside the configurations window make sure that the properties are similar to the ones you see below:
The result of the transformation will appear inside the **target** folder. If a source file is missing, copy the one called example.xmi from the _tdt4250.spp.model_ project from inside the model folder.
## Project structure
_tdt4250.spp.html_ is where the transformation code is generated, of interest the project consists of _main_, _source_, _target_ folders. The _main_ folder consists of the transformation logic, including the acceleo code which describes how the model will be transformed into text. Or in other words, it describes how the result of the transformation will look like. The _source_ folder contains an example.xmi file which is the source model for the transformation. The _target_ folder contains the result of the transformation, and is thus an html file.
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