Commit b1113fbe authored by Anders H. Rebner's avatar Anders H. Rebner
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Fixed avatars in front of eachother in LobbyView

parent d38bb6cb
......@@ -546,11 +546,10 @@ public class LobbyView extends AbstractView {
animatedSprite.setOrigin(0, 0);
int remX = i%4;
int remY = mod(2, i+2);
int xPad = 10;
int xPad = 25;
animatedSprite.setPosition(lobbyImage.getX()-xPad+remX*((lobbyImage.getWidth()-xPad)/4), lobbyImage.getY()-remY*(lobbyImage.getHeight()/7.5f));
animatedSprite.setPosition(lobbyImage.getX()-xPad+i*((lobbyImage.getWidth()-xPad)/4.5F), lobbyImage.getY()-remY*(lobbyImage.getHeight()/7.5f));
animatedSprite.setScale(0.3f+0.025f*remY, 0.3f+0.025f*remY);
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