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# Assignment 5
**Learning goals:**
- Functions
- Loops
- Conditionals
**Starting Out with Python:**
- Kap. 5: Functions
**Theory book:**
- Kap. 7: Representing Information Digitally
- Kap. 8: Representing Multimedia Digitally
- Kap. 12: Representing Integers
### **Approval:**
See blackboard for delivery and demonstration deadline.
To get this assignment approved you need to do the two mandatory tasks for TDT4127, and two other tasks. We suggest you start with some basic tasks before trying the numerics tasks, as they require some knowledge about functions.
The tasks "Basics of functions" and "Basics of functions ii" are very similar, and it's not recommended to only do those two tasks in addition to the mandatory tasks. If you find functions challenging is it recommended to choose "Basics of functions ii", because it contains a more thorough explanation of functions.
Tasks that are a little extra difficult are marked with a star. Tasks that go beyond what has been lectured are marked with two stars.
**Tasks you have done must be demonstrated to a learning assistant in person and uploaded as .py or .ipynb file to Blackboard.** Good luck!
Task | Theme | Difficulty | TDT4127
--- | --- | --- | ---
[Basics of Functions](Basics_of_functions.ipynb)|Functions| - |
[Basics of Functions II](Basics_of_functions_ii.ipynb)|Functions| - |
[Various functions](Various%20functions.ipynb)|Functions|- |
[Local variables](Local%20variables.ipynb)|Functions|- |
[Global variables](Global%20variables.ipynb)|Functions|- |
[Euklid's algorithm](Euclids%20algorithm.ipynb) |Functions, Algorithms|- |
[Prime Numbers](Prime%20numbers.ipynb)|Functions, Loops|- |
[Multiplication](Multiplication.ipynb)|Functions, Loops|- |
[Ordinary Differential Equations](ODEassignment1.ipynb) | Numerical methods, Functions | ![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg) | Mandatory
[The Secant Method](secant%20method.ipynb)|Funksjoner, Løkker|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)| Mandatory
[The Secant Method](Secant%20method.ipynb)|Funksjoner, Løkker|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)| Mandatory
[The great survey](The%20big%20survey.ipynb)|Functions, Loops|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)|
[Workingdays](Workdays.ipynb)|Functions, Loops|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)|
[Not quite Blackjack](Not%20quite%20Blackjack.ipynb)|Functions, Loops, Conditionals|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)|
[Functions and Jupyter widgets](Functions%20and%20Jupyter%20widgets.ipynb)|Functions, Jupyter widgets|![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)![img](./../Resources/Images/star_yellow.svg)|
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