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<svg width="16" height="16" xmlns=""><path d="M8.001 13.408l-3.785 2.433c-.753.484-1.714-.19-1.516-1.063l1.048-4.613L.332 7.091c-.65-.586-.287-1.667.586-1.74l4.436-.372L7.07.632c.334-.843 1.527-.843 1.86 0L10.65 4.98l4.436.372c.873.073 1.236 1.154.585 1.74l-3.415 3.074 1.048 4.613c.198.874-.763 1.547-1.516 1.063l-3.786-2.433z" fill="#FFC400" fill-rule="nonzero"/></svg>
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