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......@@ -129,16 +129,44 @@ The aperture once again only changes the size of the fish eye.
# Modifying the 4th line
## Modyfing the 1st parameter which is the radius
**Tested from Radius = -20 to 60**
From **Radius = -20** to **Radius = -15** the size of the eye went from small to tiny.
From **Radius = -15** to **Radius = -1** it didn't work
Starting at **Radius = -1** and to **Radius = -0.8** the car is upside down and zooming out.
Starting from **Radius = 0** to **Radius = 9** the eye grows bigger and bigger until reaching the biggest while zooming in.
After **Radius = 9** the eye starts to become a bit smaller but the zooming out keeps happening.
## Modifying the 2nd parameter which is the sep
**Tested from Sep = 0 to 40**
First values are very zoomed in and basically the only thing that changed when the values go up are the zoom.
At first we don't see the eye, when reaching **Sep = 9** we start to see the fish eye.
## Modifying the 3rd parameter which is the n
**Tested from n = 0 to 2.7 with a step of 0.1**
Values don't work below
At the beginning it's zooming in and the eye is going bigger and at some point weird shit is happening.
Eye is going smaller
## Modifying the 4th parameter which is the aperture
**Tested from Radius = 0 to 40**
The aperture once again only changes the size of the fish eye.
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