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Made som changes in username and password for tests.

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......@@ -50,12 +50,12 @@ class UserSerializerTestCase(APITestCase):
"email": '',
"username": 'faker',
"athletes": [],
"password": 'fuck_django',
"password1": 'fuck_django',
"password": 'django123',
"password1": 'django123',
"phone_number": '12345678',
"country": 'Norge',
"city": 'Oslo',
"street_address": 'Mora di',
"street_address": 'Address',
"workouts": [],
"coach_files": [],
"athlete_files": [], }
......@@ -8,16 +8,16 @@ from rest_framework.test import APIRequestFactory, APITestCase
class WorkoutPermissionsTestCases(TestCase):
def setUp(self):
self.owner = get_user_model()(id=1, username='bitch', email='', phone_number='92134654',
self.owner = get_user_model()(id=1, username='owner', email='', phone_number='92134654',
country='Norway', city='Paradise city', street_address='Hemmelig'
self.user = get_user_model()(id=2, username='balle', email='', phone_number='92134654',
self.user = get_user_model()(id=2, username='user', email='', phone_number='92134654',
country='Norway', city='Hmm', street_address='Hemmelig'
self.factory = APIRequestFactory()
self.workout = Workout.objects.create(id=1, name='Ballesnerkel',, notes='Hva vil du?',
self.workout = Workout.objects.create(id=1, name='workout',, notes='Some notes',
owner=self.owner, visibility='PU'
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