Commit aa3062cd authored by Thor-Herman's avatar Thor-Herman
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Minor Native refactor

parent 00186911
import { compose, createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
import reducers from '../reducers';
import rootReducer from '../reducers';
import thunk from 'redux-thunk';
import {composeWithDevTools} from 'redux-devtools-extension';
declare global {
interface Window {
......@@ -10,8 +10,7 @@ declare global {
const configureStore = () => {
const composeEnhancers = window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION_COMPOSE__ || compose;
return createStore(reducers, composeEnhancers(applyMiddleware(thunk)));
return createStore(reducers, composeWithDevTools(applyMiddleware(thunk)));
export default configureStore;
\ No newline at end of file
import {Action} from "redux";
import RootState from "../reducers";
import {RootState} from "../reducers";
import {ThunkAction} from "redux-thunk";
type AppThunk<ReturnType = void> = ThunkAction<
typeof RootState,
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