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......@@ -11,10 +11,14 @@ link:slides/01-course-intro.html[Lysarkene] gir en oversikt over organiseringen
link:slides/02-git-plus-plus.html[Lysarkene] gir en oversikt over git, gitlab og gitpod
link:slides/04-lecture.html[Lysarkene] gir en oversikt over SCRUM og Gitlab elementer som kan brukes i prosjektet.
== 2020
=== Programvareutvikling
= Scrum / Gitlab
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:LECTURE_TOPIC: Scrum / Gitlab
:LECTURE_NO: 4th lecture
IT1901 Fall 2021 - {LECTURE_NO}
== Overview
- Administrative issues
- Group contract
- Scrum
- Gitlab
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== Administrative issues
== Administrative issues
- Reference group
- Groups
- Getting help
- Upcoming deliverables
== Reference group (1)
- Special thanks to the reference group volunteers for their interest in the course.
- we selected a representative mix in the order of volunteering
- you can see the contact info in Blackboard
- questions regarding the course organization and proposals for improvements should be communicated to the reference group
== Reference group (2)
- August Sætre Aasvær
- Skage Klingstedt Reistad
- Iver Baardsgaard Brønstad
- Anna Østmo
- Mats Ellingsen
- Victoria Kjerstin Huaco Simensen
== Groups
- groups have been formed based on the form and input from students
- check in BlackBoard if you are in a group
- for issues with groups contact Farzana Quayyum <>
- 338 out of the 353 enrolled students have been distributed to groups
- we will proceed to create the gitlab groups with the same composition as the Blackboard groups ASAP
== Getting help
- Use piazza instead of sending individual emails to staff
** 192 out of 338 students have registered in piazza
- If relevant you can use the technical help-desk
** how to access it and use it is posted in Blackboard
- A TA will be assigned to each group
** subject matter and group related questions should be addressed to them
== Upcoming deliverables (1)
- 1st individual assignment
- deadline on this Friday at 16:00
- 271 out of 338 - requested access for 1st individual assignment
- this is a mandatory exercise, you cannot get a grade in the course if you do not pass it
== Upcoming deliverables (2)
- group contract
- deadline on this Friday at 16:00
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== Group contract
== Group contract (0)
- contact the other members of your group
- start working on the group contract
== Group contract (1)
- Minimum requirements for agreement:
** Presence
** Time spent
** Expectations for the individual contribution
** What happens in the event of deviations or disagreements
== Group contract (2)
* must be approved by the TA for the group
* signed by all group members
* and delivered this Friday by 16:00
== Group contract (3)
- more recommended items:
** handling differences in motivation level and ambition
** what quality is expected, how defines the group something to be "done"
** distribution of time between meetings / group work / individual work
** what happens if course work needs more time than expected
== Group contract (4)
- more recommended items:
** delays, sickness, absence - how does the group handle these
** meeting routines both for physical and virtual (agreement for time, agenda, meeting minutes etc)
** general communication tools (email, phone, im etc) and response time
** dealing as a group with deliverables and deadlines
== Group contract (5)
- more recommended items:
** roles
** giving feedback to the others
** dealing with conflicts and disagreements
** dealing with breach of contract
** procedure to follow if the group is not able to solve conflicts / disagreements internally
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== Scrum
== About domain selection
- choose an app / service that you know well and select a couple of features to implement during the semester
- point is to learn by implementing these using the required architectures
- we are not looking for quantity but for quality, so just few core features will suffice
== About domain selection (2)
- the chosen app needs to be suitable for a cloud based service
- there must therefore be some dynamic data per user managed by the server.
- eg. a (currency) calculation will NOT fit such a project.
- one good starting point are the cases from the HCI course (MMI)
== User stories
- short, simple descriptions for application features
- formulated from the stand point of the user / customer
- template:
** As a **< type of user >**, I want **< some goal >** so that **< some reason >**.
- they are not replacing design documents / requirements specification
- they need to be developed into specific tasks and connected to constraints and other meaningful documentation.
== Sprints
- meaningful iterations of comparable length
- they should have a clear goal
== Planning releases
- 3 deliverables - map to releases
- a release should produce a minimum viable product (MVP)
** a MVP is a version of an application with just enough features to be usable in getting feedback to guide the development process
== Meetings
- regular stand-up meetings (synchronize and commit, remove hindrances)
- retrospectives (reflect on your group work)
- sprint reviews / demos (invite TA, prepare deliverables)
== Pair programming
- popular agile development technique
- recommended to be used in your groups
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== Gitlab
== Gitlab -Issue tracking
- Issues
- Labels
- Milestones
- Boards
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== Gitlab demo
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