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Updated the version string to v0.7 and updated the file. Ready to release v0.7

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......@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@
A JavaFX-project of a typical address book application. Used to demonstrate JavaFX, GUI design, use of the
TableView-component and the mapping of the TableView to the backend register. Also includes example of file handling.
The project was developed for use in teaching in the course "IDATx2001 Programmering 2" at NTNU spring 2020.
The project was first developed for use in teaching in the course "IDATx2001 Programmering 2" at NTNU spring 2020.
In 2021 the project was converted to Maven and upgraded to Java 16, including use of modules.
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......@@ -12,6 +13,7 @@ The project was developed for use in teaching in the course "IDATx2001 Programme
**Version** | **Description**
v0.7 | Converted the project into a **Maven** project. Also updated from Java 9 to Java 16, and included modules.
v0.6 | Added an alternative JavaFX-GUI based on FXML to give an example of how the project could be solved using FXML and CSS. To run the FXML-version, run the class **ContactsAppFXML**. This class uses the **ContactsMain.fxml**-file to build the GUI, together with the **ContactsAppFXML.css**-file. The controller used with the FXML-version of the GUI, is the **ContactsAppFXMLController**. <br>NOTE: Using "FXML" as part of the class-names is not a recommended practice, and is only done so in this project to make it clear which of the classes/files are linked to the use of the JavaFx FXML-solution. <br>Also, the existing non FXML-controller class **MainController** has been refactored to take the responsibility for the AddressBook instance (previously managed by the view class **ContactsApp**. <br>And there are also some other minor changes/modifications.
v0.5.1 | Some minor adjustments: removed *synchronized* from the iterator()-method of ContactDetails (not needed). Updated the ContactDetails-constructor to make use of the set-methods of the class.
v0.5 | Added support for MySQL-DB at IDI ( through a separate *persistence unit (PU)* in the persistence.xml-file. NOTE: You must set your own **username**, **password** and **database name**. Also support has been added for a locally installed Apache Derby Server.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ package no.ntnu.idata2001.contacts;
* A simple class to hold the version of the application.
* <p>Using the "final" keyword on a class prevents the class to
* be subclassed (inherited from), which makes sence in this case.
* be subclassed (inherited from), which makes sense in this case.
* The field is also being set to final to indicate that there are to be
* no changes to the field (i.e. a constant). Setting the field to
* static creates a "class field", i.e. a field that exsists without having to
......@@ -13,5 +13,5 @@ package no.ntnu.idata2001.contacts;
* <code>AppVersion.VERSION</code>
public final class AppVersion {
public static final String VERSION = "0.7-SNAPSHOT";
public static final String VERSION = "0.7";
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