Commit f74d8ed6 authored by mirree's avatar mirree
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Fixed rewriting of NavigationDots

parent 8ad0b6ca
import React from 'react';
function NavigationDots(){
function NavigationDots(props){
return (
<div className="navDots">
<button className = "dot" onClick={this.props.goToFirstSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={this.props.goToSecondSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={this.props.goToThirdSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={this.props.goToFourthSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={props.goToFirstSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={props.goToSecondSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={props.goToThirdSlide}></button>
<button className = "dot" onClick={props.goToFourthSlide}></button>
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