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fixed unit tests (imports)

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......@@ -15,10 +15,10 @@ from django.test import TestCase
# databases
from unittest import TestCase as UnitTestCase
from .permissions import IsAthlete, IsCoach, IsCurrentUser
from .serializers.UserSerializer import UserSerializer
from .models import User, athlete_directory_path
from .views import UserSearch
from users.permissions import IsAthlete, IsCoach, IsCurrentUser
from users.serializers.UserSerializer import UserSerializer
from users.models import User, athlete_directory_path
from users.views.user import UserSearch
VALIDATED_PASSWORD = "lasldkfj23113!adsfvsødkfjsadfVASDFAødklsajdfa8313"
......@@ -4,11 +4,10 @@ Tests for the workouts application.
from webbrowser import Konqueror
from django.test import TestCase, RequestFactory
from .views import ExerciseDetail, ExerciseList
from workouts.models import ExerciseInstance
from workouts.models import Exercise
from workouts.models.exercises import Exercise, ExerciseInstance
from workouts import permissions
from users.models import User
from workouts.models import Workout
from workouts.models.workouts import Workout
from django.utils import timezone
from rest_framework.test import force_authenticate, APIRequestFactory
from faker import Faker
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