Commit 78103a94 authored by Carl Gützkow's avatar Carl Gützkow
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refactor: label arrays declared together

parent f6d5609d
......@@ -41,9 +41,7 @@ public class BattleController implements Initializable {
@FXML private ListView<Unit> armyOneUnitsListView, armyTwoUnitsListView;
@FXML private Label armyTwoImportPath, armyTwoName, armyTwoToString;
private Label[] armyImportPathLabels;
private Label[] armyNameLabels;
private Label[] armySummaryLabels;
private Label[] armyImportPathLabels, armyNameLabels, armySummaryLabels;
private ListView<Unit>[] armyUnitListViews;
private Button[] editArmyButtons;
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