Commit d8b3d94a authored by Tommy Duc Luu's avatar Tommy Duc Luu
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Former-commit-id: 3446deaca893d8f388ae1ff6a6a70831f25b1026 [formerly a1ef74b9]
Former-commit-id: 162f2b72931aaa3ec1229361e09541a32fa239e4
parent 7d389731
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ INFO:root:
img: '🥕'
size: 15
logdir: 'interactive_CA/logs/15-ADAM-CARROT_08-05-2022_11-08-11'
logdir: 'interactive_CA/logs/15-ADAM-CARROT_08-05-2022_13-59-06'
load_model_path: 'final_models\\Adam\\SamplePools\\15-CARROT-train_05-05-2022_17-00-31\\models\\'
n_channels: 16
hidden_size: 32
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