Commit afbba727 authored by Bård Sørensen Hestmark's avatar Bård Sørensen Hestmark
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Deleted logs

Former-commit-id: db82df3bc780c8092b51b8a808c1022d8d396642 [formerly 251bf98c]
Former-commit-id: 29454bcb6ffee3a47db1a1a0efe656041f9d37c7
parent df77c64f
"img": "\ud83e\udd55",
"batch_size": 8,
"device": "cpu",
"eval_frequency": 500,
"eval_iterations": 300,
"n_batches": 20000,
"n_channels": 16,
"logdir": "logs/15-CARROT-train_05-05-2022_17-00-31",
"padding": 0,
"pool_size": 1024,
"size": 15,
"hidden_channels": 32,
"pool": true,
"th": 0.0,
"mode": "train"
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